Fencing Sports Socks and Guard Pads

RIK Sports are manufacturer & exporter from Pakistan have an extraordinary exclusive range of fencing Sports weapon gear equipment’s of all three combat sports of modern fencing Foil, Epee and the Sabre (also saber). We have availability of producing Sports Long Fencing Socks with custom logo of Clubs, academies, shops, wholesalers, dealers of worldwide at very comprehensive prices. Related: Chaussettes de sport d’escrime Hommes Femmes, Calcetines deportivos de esgrima Hombres mujeres,

We are FIE Certified supplier of FIE Fencing 800 Newton Uniforms like FIE 800N Sabre Gloves, FIE 800N Underarm Plastron, FIE 800N Jacket, FIE 800N Breech (Pant). Our other Fencing Equipment’s are Fencing Sports Gloves, Women Fencing Gloves, Kids Fencing Gloves, Leather Sword Gloves, Hema Artistic Fencing Gauntlet Gloves, Medieval Fight Gloves, Tactical knife gloves, long arm knife tactical gloves, Fencing Coaching Gear like Coach Jackets and Vest, Coach Gloves, Coach Arm, Coach Leg, Carry Kit Bags, Roll Bags, Single Weapon Sword Carry Bags, Leather & Amara Pads, Foil Pads 95mm, Sabre Pads 120mm, Epee Pads 135mm, Custom Country Flag / Logo Print Pads.

We also have CE Fencing Uniform set 350N Jacket, Fencing 350N Pant, Fencing 350N Plastron, Lame Electric Sabre Fabric Jacket, Lame Electric Vest, Fencing Sports T-Shirts for Fencers, Sports Track Suits for Men & Women, 3 Pin Plug, 2 Pin Switch, Crocodile Clip, Epee Body Cords, Floor Cables, Cords, Sabre Foil Mask wire, Cords reel cables, Foil Bell Guard for Adults & Kids, Epee Bell Guards for Adult and children, Pistol Grip, Fencing Foil French Grip Silver, Fencing Wall Shock Pad to practice, Sports Caps, Sabre Grip, Weapon Handle Pistol grip, Inside Hex Nut, French Rubber Grip, French Grip Pommel, insulating bush for electric sabre guard sleeve, Groin Guards Bandage Protective Plastic Shell etc.

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