Fencing FIE 800N Sabre Gloves


Fencing FIE 800N Sabre Gloves (CE Approved) usable for all 3 Weapons (Epee, Foil & Sabre) manufactured by RIK SPORTS made in Pakistan with excellent quality CE Approved Amara Synthetic Leather Palm, Reinforcement at Palm, Thumb & First Finger, Closed Bodycord as per new FIE rules, Excellent quality genuine stretched Amara ensures good fit, Back Amara material with extra Foam Padded in order to keep inside hands safe, Lame Electric material for Sabre Cuff with Elastic stretching.

Fencing Saber Cuff Gloves Composition: ( CE Level 1 )

50% Amara Synthetic Leather ( CE ) + 50% Lame Electric Sabre Fabric

Fencing FIE 800N Sabre Gloves Certified (CE Approved Level 2) usable for all 3 Swordplay Weapons fighting (Epee, Foil & Sabre) manufacturer RIK SPORTS approved by FIE recommended Lab Critt Sport, Certified by FIE, FIE 800Newton Sabre Gloves made in Pakistan with excellent quality Approved 800N Fabric with excellent quality superb CE approved Washable Amara , Reinforcement at Palm, Thumb & First Finger, Closed Bodycord as per new FIE rules,

Excellent quality genuine stretched material ensures good fit, Back 800N Fabric with high density extra Foam Padded in order to keep inside hands safe, 800N Fabric in between fingers, Kevlar thread for cut resistance, Lame Electric Sabre Fabric Cuff at bottom Closed with Velcro, Piping in between fabric & cuff, Inside Cuff FIE instructed label. Certificate available on our web also For Certifications reference you can visit FIE web onto the list of FIE 800N Sabre Gloves official supplier.

FIE 800Newton Sabre Gloves Composition: Polyamide 70%  +  Polyester 30%

CE Level 2: EN 13567:2002 + A1:2007

Usage Instructions:

Hand Washable, Please do not Dry Clean or Bleach, Do not Iron or Tumble Dry.

When Fastening your Fencing Gloves

Make sure that all fastening devices ( Straps, Velcro's,  etc.  ) are closed completely and firmly. The Gloves may not be used any longer, if any of the fastening devices doesn’t work properly. When Fastening your Fencing Gloves.  In the worst cases to reduce the severity of injuries, particularly by the point of  the weapon.

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How To Select Fencing Gloves Size:

Measure around your hand in inches corresponds to your glove size. Please take your round palm measurement (Please do not include thumb) and add 0.5″.For example if your hand measures 9 inches around its widest point (excluding the thumb). Please you must add half an inch to establish glove size as 9½. Or visit our website homepage for Fencing Gloves Size Chart. If you feel any confusion while take your size measurements please let us know at the time of ordering so we will be able to give you suggestions.

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