Gym Fitness Gloves


Gym Fitness Gloves

Gym Gloves – Weightlifting Gloves, Made of Goat Skin Leather, Reinforcement at palm & Thumb with well foam padded, Crochet Fabric on back, Velcro Closure Strap.

Gym Fitness Gloves

Gym Gloves – Weightlifting Gloves, Made of Goat Skin Leather, Reinforcement at palm & Thumb with well foam padded, Crochet Fabric on back, Velcro Closure Strap.

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How To Select Fitness Gloves Size:

Measure around your hand in inches corresponds to your glove size. Please take your round palm measurement (Please do not include thumb) and add 0.5″.For example if your hand measures 9 inches around its widest point (excluding the thumb). Please you must add half an inch to establish glove size as 9½. Or visit our website homepage for Gloves Size Chart. If you feel any confusion while take your size measurements please let us know at the time of ordering so we will be able to give you suggestions.

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Why to Choose Us:

RIK SPORTS have Excellent quality Custom style weightlifting gloves which not only protect your skin from becoming rash. It also helps you lifting heavy weights. A good grip gloves can also prevent unwanted slipping of the bar when your palms get sweaty. Most gyms don’t allow the use of chalk as staff doesn’t want to constantly have to clean it up. So our Gloves are a great alternative you’ll get a great grip, without creating a cloud of chalk dust and a messy station. Plus, while it can improve your grip, chalk still won’t protect you from calluses. Our gloves helps you out to physical fit your body shapes.


RIK SPORTS washable Amara / Leather-palmed gloves are always positive, and can greatly improve external grip of the bar. Our gloves are made of Genuine Natural Cowhide, Goat and Sheep Leather as per customer choice. Fourway Spandex stretchable fabric to keep ease while lifting workout works. Its extra-long wrist support straps keep the gloves firmly in place while supporting the wrists during those heavy lifts. Even the Nylon thread Stitch is quality grade and won’t let the gloves fall apart anytime. The finger areas are padded to avoid any blistering. The half-finger design makes putting on and taking off the gloves super easy. Ideal for weightlifting, pull-ups, cross-training, snatches, push-presses, muscle-ups, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc.

Some Safety Tips:
  • Do not exercise with an empty stomach. Eat something light (such as toast with jam or skimmed milk) to give you some stamina. Do not exercise immediately after a full meal because this will affect digestion;
  • Always warm up before doing exercise and cool down afterwards to lower the risk of strains and sprains.
  • Pay attention to your body and stop when you're sick or in pain. If you take a break from exercise, ease back into it again.
  • Take it easy when exercising in extreme weather.
Different Style / Materials for Fitness Gloves:
  • A part of best customer service, we welcome your brand labels or logos, sizes, color designs.
  • Customize materials such as: cowhide, Goat, Sheep, Suede Leather, micro fabric, amara fabric, spandex fabric, lycra fabric as per your requirements.
  • Best Padded palms for comfort your hands while lifting heavy weights.
  • Gloves are reinforced with Nylon double-stitched for maximum durability.
  • Multifunctional gloves: suit for powerlifting, weightlifting, pull ups, snatches, push-presses.
  • Cross training & other heavy fitness workouts.

Please we happily welcome Gym Clubs, Store, Wholesale dealers, Shops, Importers to buy from us at very comprehensive prices on wholesale rate worldwide at large.

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